Shakespeare Schools Festival
Brand Refresh

Shakespeare Schools Festival (SSF) is the UK's largest Youth Drama Festival. They work to give the next generation of young people the opportunity to engage with their cultural heritage, their education and their future by performing Shakespeare in professional theatres. Having committed to expanding their reach to over 2000 schools in the next two years, they required a refresh of their identity to bring it into line with the forward thinking organisation they have evolved to be. 

SSF wanted to give professional finesse to their established logo while retaining its distinctive aesthetic. A new typeface was introduced, subtly manipulated to create something unique to SSF. In addition a new brand typeface and colour palette were introduced, bringing new energy to the brand. Creative direction was also supplied to aid the new website design.

All of the newly created brand assets were then collated into a simple, easy to use brand guidelines book. This acts as a guide for all those who work with the organisation and ensures brand continuity across all print and digital communications. 

 "Our teachers, kids and partners absolutely love the fresh new look and feel! Over the last year, as we've been gearing up for our expansion, we've regularly felt that we were growing up as an organisation, thanks to you and your team we now look the part too! Thank you for understanding us so quickly, being an absolute please to work with and giving us a touch of Pencil sophistication."

     – Bhavita Bhatt, Development Director, SSF



Agency: Pencil
Co-design: Bianca Wendt
Aug 13